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Our Foundations of Learning are the bedrock of what makes us all great learners. Collectively, they promote a growth mindset and inspire intrinsic motivation.  We have worked alongside our Bay House cluster schools to unpick essential ‘learning behaviours’ and categorised these into four areas which provide the ‘foundations’ for life-long learning:

Thinking skills

For this category, we look for evidence of children showing curiosity which guides them to new knowledge. They take an active role in our P4C enquiries, posing open challenging questions. Children demonstrate that they reflect on their performance and edit their work through effective Purple Polish (improving their work). Children are also creative during problem solving and offer clear reasoning and explanations to patterns and solutions.


Children who are self-aware show that they know their strengths and their targets to improve. They can talk confidently about themselves including their hopes and aspirations for future. They recognise that our core Christian values, of Love, Hope and Grace, are what makes us good citizens. They can articulate their responsibilities and can deal with challenging situations in a calm manner.

Collaboration and Relationships

Strong, long-lasting working relationships are fundamental to achieving success. Children learn to work well together in small groups as well as a whole class. They demonstrate active listening, understand and show empathy towards others. They interact well with their peers as well as other children and adults in our community.

Independence and Resilience

Through this Foundation of Learning, children demonstrate that they seek opportunities to extend learning outside the classroom. They take risks in their learning and are happy to be challenged and not remain in their ‘comfort zone’. If they at first don’t succeed they demonstrate perseverance by trying again until they succeed.



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